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07-06-2006, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
I gotta disagree with you on this one Brandon.

Simply put a lot of people just do not see the ability to play defense. It's been scary to watch at the AHL level and i don't think it's going to get better at the NHL level.

Pock just has never really advanced to that next level that seperates even the defenseman at the NHL level who are below average defenders from the guys who are even worse and thus right on the border.

The guys like Mike Mottau who put up the equivalent of similar numbers in a less open AHL a few years back, or the Greg Hawgoods or the John Slaney's of the minor league world.

The question really isn't whether he can move the puck and create offense, the question is whether he can actually provide what the position is named for, "defense".

I think a lot of people have serious concerns about that and Pock is reaching that age where if he's not getting better at his weak points, will he ever?

For all the talk that the Rangers somehow have some great hidden talent they've ignored, the kid went undrafted, was signed as a Free Agent and has been passed over several times since than. Even this season the feeling within the organization is that they'd rather go with other defenseman. Anaheim didn't want him and preferred Kondratiev to him in trade talks.

At some point, we've gotta be honest and realize there are some serious concerns and questions with this kid that have not been addressed.

He's the most NHL ready by default almost. He's also one of the Rangers older prospects as well.

The question comes down to whether you think his offense will be enough to provide for some pretty poor defense, and keep in mind it was judged poor at the AHL level not even the NHL yet.

If you do, than he's possibly an NHL'er. But if you don't, than you probably don't think he's an NHL player and if that's what you believe than he's probably not going to be very high on the list.

The games I seen Pock play he wasn't THAT bad Edge. Yeah he had Lapses like any other learning player like Tyutin this year but thats to be expected even more so with Pock considering he is a defender that use to be a foward. IMO he should get more breaks for his lapses than a guy like Tyutin (who has played D his whole career) but he just doesn't get that from the fans for some reason.

I'm not saying he will ever be a Norris candidate, but I think if given the chance he has the talent and smarts (He went to a good college he should be smart) to be a PP QB specalist and play decent mins on the 3rd pairing. Teams that believe they have a shot at winning trade for these kind of players. Avs with Ozo and just recently the Flames with Krajicek. The Canes has Tverdovsky with them for thier run even though he was used very little. The point is these kind of players are valuable because there aren't a lot like them.

And I also find it laughable that this new guy we took in the first round, Speghetti or whatever seems to project to almost what we are talking about here yet he is in the top 10.

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