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Originally Posted by MachoDiablo View Post
It's not the media being "against" the Devils, its the jaw-dropping negligence and ignorance they always display in regards to the Devils. NJ is one of the league's elite franchises since the late 80's, yet so much of the NHL media (print, TV, and radio) cling to images of the Devils that are now nearly 20 years old, and act like just because Marty's been there the whole time it means that's just always how the team has played.

I mean, God's sake, it took us making the freaking Finals for the NHL media to stop calling the Devils "Swamp Things" (they left the Meadowlands years ago now!) in headlines, and we STILL can't shake the trap label, or at least code words that suggest it, even though the Devils have not been a trap reliant team in ages.

So it's not "they're out to get us", it's "they don't even bother reading a wiki article about us."
Devils trapped two seasons ago when Lemaire was behind the bench. It's not an old label although it is irrelevant now.

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