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Originally Posted by blarneylad View Post
I agree with you, but I really don't think guys like him are game changers. Out of the others mentioned, Orr is the best choice.

But there are plenty of guys tougher than Orr that just can't handle a shift in the NHL. Orr can get by. Barely imo

John Scott can't play but is tough, MacIntyre is tough but has trouble playing in the AHL. Thornton is my favourite enforcer though I hate that he plays for the Bruins.
I agree that Orr is not a game changer, per se. But I think he is an important player to have in a system that Carlyle is trying to instill - heavy forechecking, team mate support, goalie protection, take nothing from not.

It is all about whether you believe having an enforcer helps everyone feel bigger, more vocal, and more argumentative on the ice. It is whether you believe the team is more comfortable playing having a guy like Orr on the bench to answer the bell instead of you if someone else gets out of line.

Everyone believes different things.

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