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02-10-2013, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
I'm going to get absolutely bent over for saying this... Zubov was JUST under Lidstrom. Absolutely phenomenal defenseman, and had he been on a more 'prolific' team during his whole career I really think he would get the credit he deserves.

The guy could do whatever he wanted on the ice whenever he wanted, and he'd smoke during the intermissions. His defensive play was fantastic. Stick awareness was great, awesome pokecheck, solid body position, could read everything coming and intercept it, and he wasn't afraid to hit.

One of the greatest defenseman in the offensive zone in NHL history as well.

Flame away.
I can't speak to the history part but I agree with the rest. The fact that he really avoided the media seemingly at all costs didn't help him get the credit he deserved either. Fair or not, those things matter and guys like Lidstrom and Niedermayer (who I think was quite clearly an inferior player to Zubov) gave an interview at virtually every request.

Judging from a few polls on the main forum and other conversations with people Zubov just doesn't get the credit he deserves. The name you always hear mentioned as being in the same tier as one another is Gonchar, and personally I think Zubov was clearly a level above him.

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