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02-10-2013, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
16 goals allowed by the habs at 5 on 5 so far.
DD was on the ice for 9 of them....and he's playing about only 15 minutes a games and not against top offensive line.

We may bench White for making two mistakes.
We may bench Eller for one bad game.

But what about the guys that make mistakes in 90% on the games?

I know, i know.....the effort is there. We can't blame him on that.
DD gave it all on the ice.

But that's even more scary, cause if the effort is there....well, it means that he won't getr any better!

Umm first thing first, I never thought of him as a 1st line C. A 2nd C maybe. And I'm all for benching DD...I'm also up for putting him on the wing. And I'm also up for mixing his line up and moving the other wings off his line to some other line because all three of them are horrible this year.
That said, some people like the comment above make it sound like the main reason they are doing horrible defensively is...DD. Which is rather unfair.
For the 3 goals that DD was on for in yesterdays game, none of them are goals he could have done anything about. Heck, one was frankly Cole's mishandling of his man (Second goal of the night?).
BTW, he won't get any better? Sure he's not that young…but it's rather early to judge his career after only 10 games into his second full season don't you think?
Oh and another thing…EVERY player makes a mistake in 100% of the games they play in. If you are suggesting that instead, DD is making mistakes 90% of the time…well, he never would have gotten past the minors, let alone the NHL. Either way, that comment is just wrong.

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