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02-10-2013, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Skidooboy View Post
Nope. Mid season, shortened season, noone is going to sit a player for dropping an f-bomb at a coach. Especially not Buff. We win with buff and lose without him. thats statiscly verifiable. no coach is gonna bench the teams only true Impact player over some heated words.

I'm expecting a lot of groin pulls this year. I'm even expecting Kane to get one during one of his "bounce pass it to myself off the boards and rush in" plays. Every coach and D-man in the league know how to shut it down. That will cause him to become frustrated and try harder and harder to do it causing him to over extend one night.

I don't think that Noel or Chevy would fake an injury report to bench a player. If they felt strongly enought to do it they would let everyone know the truth.

much more likley to just bench a guy.

I still don't like Kane. I still think we would have been better off dumping him while his stock was high. He kinda reminds me of Ovie. A one trick pony that once the D-men figure it out the former hero is just average.
sorry to go ot here..
I'm just wondering... despite only having three goals in 11 games, he is still on a 60 pt pace, which is an increase from last year...and he's on a fairly friendly 6 year contract....and has so far piled on the shots... why exactly do you see his stock as any lower then last year?

As for the rest i agree, any hypothesis that buff was out for any reason other then injury was pretty obviously ridiculous speculation.

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