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07-06-2006, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
If nothing happens during the rest of the off-season, I don't think we make the playoffs.

We are basically bringing back the same team minus Bulis and Sundstrom.

We have to assume the Huet will be a top 5 goalie next year in terms of save percentage and GAA.

WE have to assume that our 2nd year players will be better, Ryder can score 30+, Kovalev can score more goals and Bonk can score 10!

We have to assume that there will be no injuries of any significant lenght to our top 6 forwards.

I am not optomistic about next year at this point and I don't believe any rookie who makles our lineup this year will have a bigger impact than Higgins did last year. We don't have a SOVATOS or PRUSHCA right now.
We are basically bringing back the same team with a year of experience. You have to remember Perezhogin, Pleks, Ryder have another year under their belts.

Kovalev was injured 6 weeks.

We don't need Huet to be top 5, because if we did he would've got more then the money he just received. We just need him to NOT play like Theodore.

Injuries are part of the game, if any team loses a top 6 forward they will feel it, not only us.

What's with all the negativity, we had Carolina by the hairs of their 'you know what' and then we lost to the Stanley Cup Champions... It was a great learning experience for our youth and hopefully they will bring it into next season.

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