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02-10-2013, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Neely08 View Post
That's what I feel like we're seeing. As if they're going to be bag skated for leaving a specific piece of ice. No one wants the puck out there, either. Furthermore, no one wants to be the open man, hence the statue routine.

Those of you saying the PP is no big deal. Sorry, that's like saying you don't need goals to win hockey games. What's a PP if not a scoring opportunity? It's up there w/ not getting a shot on goal on an oddman rush.

It's been a long time since we had Marc Savard. Amateur night on the PP has to get fixed.
They should be bag skated for failure to move around. The "no one wants the puck and no one wants to be the open man" observation makes complete sense. No one wants to shoot the damn puck either. It's as if all 4 guys on the power play who touch the puck (the two at the point and two on the sides in the umbrella) want to display their mediocre passing skills and their constant ability to push the puck past the blueline, squandering a chance and forcing a clear.

We all know this team's offense is at it's height when the game gets physical. Is it no coincidence that when on the power play there is little to no physical play? It's all passing back and forth. No room for crash and bang as "we may give up an odd man rush or breakaway." This team needs to start taking some damn chances down low.

When you "system" a power play and stop all movement, continue to use the same method for 3 straight ****ing years, the other team can "system" their penalty kill to defeat your "power play" with ease. The only hard part for the opposing team is figuring out how to minimize energy to do it.

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