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12-17-2003, 09:55 AM
Le Golie
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Are some of you so naive that you honestly feel nobody notices cultural differences? It's one thing to disrespect others because they are different but it's not wrong to acknowledge it.

Three black players playing on our national team is a significant accomplishment and a strong indication of how hockey isn't neccessarily a Saskatchewan farm boy sport anymore. Do you think young black players don't find inspiration in their accomplishments?

Willie O’Ree scored 4 goals in his NHL career. Unless he was a relative or from your home town you'd never even have heard of him if he wasn't black. Yet he is a significant part of hockey history and what he did opened so many doors for people that he is still considered a hero. Are you saying he shouldn't be given any credit for what he accomplished just because he was black??

This is the stupidest display of anti-racist overreaction I've ever seen. Get over yourselves. The guy asked a simple question about something that is significant and interesting and you jump all over him from the top of your high perch because you think you are defending minorities from a vicious attack at the hands of racist.

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