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02-10-2013, 11:31 PM
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just go on h-r->leagues->season and sort pp%.

last year, the kings were 17th. top 5? preds, sharks, oilers, canucks, crosbys.
2011, bruins were 20th. top 5: canucks, ducks, sharks, bhawks, wings.
2010, bhawks were 16th. top 5: caps, habs, flyers, canucks, sharks.
2009, crosbys were 20th. top 5: wings, caps, sharks, bruins, ducks.
2008, wings were 3rd. top 5: habs, flyers, wings, crosbys, lightning.
2007, ducks were 3rd. top 5: habs, sharks, ducks, avs, crosbys.
2006, canes were 17th.
2004, lightning were 16th.
2003, devils were dead last (11.88%) the ducks were 16th that year.
2002, wings were 2nd.
2001, avs were 3rd.
2000, devils were 3rd(!)

i'd keep going but i'm starting to see things like "vezina trophy: olaf kolzig" and i think i've gone back far enough.

i think the message here is that a powerplay can help a high powered offensive team. but a look at some of these teams, especially recently, shows a trend towards defense and just trying to middle with the powerplay. i think the 08 wings are the exception rather than the rule. that was a really good team.

the bruins just aren't built like that. it'd be nice for them to go mid-teens, i think they'd do fine there.

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