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02-10-2013, 10:42 PM
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This the problem with HFboards. Not just in this thread, but in any prospect discussion where a player style is brought up as a comparable, everyone is quick to react with "LOLZZZ NO! Plays like Lidstrom, GTFO here, he's still 18 years old!" or "Milan Lucic? YEa alright, let's see this guy score 30+ goals and be the most dominant PWF in the game!"

Folks, seeing a certain style of play in a player DOES NOT mean he is suddenly as good as that player, or that he will ever be that good. It just means that he plays a similar style, and that he reminds you of a that player because of his style. I play competitive soccer, but at no where near a professional level. However when asked what type of style I'll play, I'll mention Carles Puyol or Vidic. That does not mean that I am as good or ever will be anywhere near that level of play, it just means I play that style of tough central defense.

So in that sense, yes I do see a bit of Gilmour in Kadri. I doubt he ever reaches Dougie's offensive numbers or Selke level defense, but his rare mix of skill, heart and toughness does remind me of Dougie. The most confident he gets in the NHL, the more you guys will begin to see this as well.

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