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02-10-2013, 11:56 PM
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Florida and Tampa never met in the playoffs once. With the divisional playoff, there would be higher chance that they would meet. When they finally meet in the playoffs, the fans in Florida would watch that series with interests and may wins them over to hockey. A few years of them meeting in the playoffs would breed contempt and fans will love it and become a die-hard hockey fan because of it. I believe that it will take a meeting of those state for the rivalry to grow. A playoff series against Flyers, or any of Canadian team will not grow unlike the Florida teams meeting.

I believe in regional match-up will help to grow the game of hockey rather than the national-wide series so that is why I favor the divisional playoff format for this reason alone if they want to grow the game.

Just take a look at Edmonton/Dallas or Detroit/Colorado series that never has grown to a full-blown rivalry despite meeting a few years in a row. Today in regular season meeting, it lacked intensity rivals unlike the old time series when it happened. That is my argument that the conference based playoff is not the way to go so I hope that the league will do the right thing, bring back the divisional playoff system.

We can always change back to conference playoffs after a while when fans get tired of it of divisional playoffs. I doubt that the fans will ever get tired of divisional playoff format because that is what the game of hockey is today because of what happened in 80's and early 90's.

I remember, I hated the Oilers/Flames beating up the Canucks even they sucked for so long but the rivalry is there and even I feel good of seeing the Canucks beating up the Oilers/Flames in today's game because of what happened in 80's and it made me a hockey fan due to the rivalry.

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