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02-10-2013, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Stix and Stones View Post
I enjoy the Leaf, Winnipeg games, mostly because of the great atmosphere the crowd there brings. It was great to see such an exuberant home team crowd, yet there were still plenty of Leaf jerseys in the arena. Who wouldn't want to be in a division with Winnipeg?
Unless there is expansion into western cities, ie. Seattle/Houston for example, and the Coyotes remaining in Glendale, there are going to be ETZ teams that end up in a division with CTZ teams. Just the reality of the demographics of the league.

If you go on the basis that the Coyotes either remain where they are or get moved to Seattle, then a 4 division breakdown should be:

I'd make the West 2 Seven team divisions. Any Eastern team that complains, can volunteer to join the Central division if they wish.

Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, San Jose, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Coyotes (Sea/Phx)
Colorado, Winnipeg, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Nashville

Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Ottawa, Buffalo, Boston, Columbus, Pitt
New York, Brooklyn, Philly, Pitt, NJ, Washington, Carolina, TB, Florida

Makes the most sense, barring either expansion or relocation. But, Markham/Quebec seem to top the discussion of expansion cities, So, who knows what happens if that happens.

Move Colorado to the West. Then the Central requires 2 teams. Are you going to move Detroit/Columbus back there?

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