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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post

I want to ask a question about the original article from Brooks.

It says there that the NHL and NHLPA are going to meet to talk about realignment.

Now, we have seen lots of ideas here, and in other realignment threads. Basically, 2 varieties:
1) 6-division
2) 4-division

In the case of 6-division, I have not seen even one that considers the situation if PHX moves to QC. And, I have tried to think of a good idea for that myself, and I can't find one that works.

In the case of 4-division, almost anything will accommodate a PHX - QC move.

So, the real question is:

How does the League discuss this with the players if the PHX situation is not yet resolved???

I can only see the possibility that the NHL has a travel schedule to show the PA. I can't imagine the NHL telling the PA what will happen with PHX, before they tell anyone else - too much possibility for leaks.

What do you all think?
I have posted the divisions with my proposal if Phoenix moves to Quebec:

Eastern Conference:
Northeast Division: Boston, Montreal, Buffalo, Ottawa, Quebec City
Atlantic Division: NY Islanders, NY Rangers, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
Southeast Division: Florida, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Washington, Nashville

Western Conference:
Pacific Division: Vancouver, LA, San Jose, Anaheim, Colorado
Northwest Division: Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Minnesota, Dallas
Central Division: Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Columbus, Toronto

One major sticking point in that realignment is Toronto leaving Ottawa and Montreal so it is tough to make the realignment like that. However, I am sure that Detroit would be delighted to see Toronto back as their rivalry and an additional ETZ team in their division. Even though it is a logical move. So 4 divisions, I believe, will happen rather than 6 divisions.

I believe that Nashville should belong to the south division due to their geography despite their CTZ location.

Now, in case of expansion team, let's say if speculations come true, say, 2nd team in Toronto and Seattle or Quebec City come to the fruition. We would have balanced 32 teams with 4 conferences.

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