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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Fugu may scorn me, but I'll take this opportunity, related to the separation of the Canadian teams, to post another friggin 4-Division alignment idea:

The Eastern Divisions

- Philadelphia stays with the NYC area teams.
- Boston and Montreal stay together; Montreal obviously gets QC, and Ottawa gets its nearest rival, Montreal.
- Toronto has a hissy fit, but is still with Buffalo, gets Detroit and Chicago back, plus Winnipeg.
- Minnesota and Winnipeg are probably both happy.
- Chicago gets to keep Detroit.
- Columbus gets both Detroit and Pittsburgh.
- Pittsburgh isn't happy, but like Toronto they really don't have a whole lot to complain about being in a Division with Columbus, Detroit, Buffalo, Chicago, and Toronto... Come on!
- Dallas is likely much happier than it is now.
- The Florida teams won't complain about the idea of being in a Division with the Canadian teams, nor vice versa.

Washington is still unhappy.
St Louis is unhappy.
But those 3 CTZ teams, though they don't strengthen the Southeast group much, they also don't make it weaker.

ADD IN: Division names:
Great Lakes
South Central
I love it, and if realism weren`t an issue I`d be all for it.

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