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02-10-2013, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Given your longevity as a fan, then you should be all too familiar, just as I am and most of us are, of the Kings finding a way to disappoint us more often than not. Let's be frank, were we satisfied at all with the Kings play last season up until the playoffs? I think not.

That doesn't take away from their Cup win, but today is a different day and that Cup win is in the past. I would like them to erase the thought of them being a fluke and being another team like the Carolina Hurricanes who found magic in a bottle in one instance and that was it. I want the ride to last longer. I want to see the Kings string together a season of consistent performance where they play at a high level and prove that they are a contender for the division, conference, and championship.

20% of the season has passed, after two more games, a quarter of the season will be played. Thus far, their best performance has been in a losing effort. How can fans not be disappointed with the team thus far? They entered the season with lofty expectations due to their Cup win and were expected to win and persevere, even with the injuries to Mitchell and Greene. They aren't doing that now and we're still wondering how (or when) their offense is going to start clicking.
Let me ask you this ziggy,

Can you think of a reason why we aren't playing up to our best effort? Honest question. Can you think of a reason as to why we wouldn't have gotten off to a great start. I ask you this because of my respect for your understanding of the team and the game.

To me with this one I am truly taken aback by your position and I am hoping that I can get a better understanding of where you stand if you can answer my question in as simple a manner as possible (in deference to my addled old brain).

I can. I think our poor start (at least as far as win loss record goes) is due to one single type of problem that is or will be fixed in a short amount of time but I would really like to know where you stand on the matter.

I have read as always everything you have written in each of these types of threads and am still left with the same question.

You always bring it so I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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