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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Fair enough.

The OP worked on the assumption that moving Letang for a top W was possibly worthwhile for Pens. That is the assumption we are all speaking to; whether or not Letang (a D of his calibre) should actually be moved (for the return of only a single F of comparably high quality) is another question, one compounded by supply and demand.

The Fs on NY you would want --- Nash, Gaborik, Callahan and on potential, Kreider, are unavailable, not because Letang isn;t worth any of those guys, he is, but because NY needs more, not less snipers, even more than a superior puck moving D like Letang.

So you see offers like Perry for letang, but Perry is UFA at season's end. There are a handful of possibly do-able matches, but that does appear to result in coke for pepsi, or robbing peter to pay paul because of the supply and demand issues.

So while it was an entirely appropriate ? to ask, the OP hopes to achieve a conclusion that is either not robbing peter to pay paul, or is do-able in spite of that being the case.

To avoid this construct, I thought outside the box. I said, taking into account the totality of the circumstances, moving salary, etc., what new variables in the equation might work.

Then I thought, ok, if Rangers did 2 top all star complementary pair D, and 2 additional players and pick for only Letang, one other player and 2 futures, NY would upgrade at cost of depth, Pens would add D based alternate to Letang (Staal) + additional resources.

These additional resources, coupled with all other Pen assets, create an ability to get 2 offensive talented Fs. You might not want to move Girardi as such a hand in glove complement to Staal. But just to illustrate, you could add Girardi + x for Yakupov, or another sniper. That is the approximate offset for Neal.

Of course, this wasn't necessary except that, again, as a righty lefty tandem who are a complementary pair, there is a synergy to getting both Staal + Girardi. That;s why i say instead of moving Girardi + for Yakupov, you may want to tray a different combo.

The 2 Fs Rangers supply, Stepan + Boyle, as Cs in a tight market for Cs, should be enough to piece together (or with other assets, depending upon what your best bets are) that get you a second sniper.

So in conclusion:
Question: Taking all names out of the equation, please explain why Pittsburgh trades a 40 goal scoring winger, in a package, in hopes of then, down the line, finding a 40 goal scoring winger?

Answer: you need to take 3 steps back to eventually go 5 forward.
Supply and demand limit desired returns.
However, getting additional present assets now for 2 players and futures allows you to have more cards to play NOW. The extra cards is what makes it possible to get 2 offensive talents at F.

More direct answer. If you did not add Neal, you would not have gotten the additional present assets.

Additionally, if you are trying to help the Penguins "avoid a hole on their D", you don't move Letang in the first place!
That defeats the premise of the OP, which forces you to consider trying a letang deal, though like i said, desired results seem to be the flip side of a coin with undesired price paid.

Rangers could offer like Girardi + Stepan for either Letang + or Neal +, But such a simple offer does not solve the problem as explained, and NY would not trade such assets to a division rival unless it could see a return worthy of such a surrender.

As I said, all bets are off, Letang is UFA after next year. He may well stay in Pitt with the dynamc duo +, or he may consider other options. We'll see
i can tell you right now that, just for the fact that the Rangers would be calling Shero proposing this bad deal, Shero would hang up the phone the very second the Rangers' GM utters the syllable "Let--". it doesn't matter what the Rangers are sending to Pittsburgh. they don't touch any trade with them involving Neal or Letang, much less a deal with those players to any other team.

the ONLY time Letang will be on the block is if he wants out of Pittsburgh.

EDIT: even disregarding division rivalries, the Pens will not even think about trading Neal or Letang unless they want out AND it's a gigantic overpayment.

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