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02-10-2013, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
1. 2005-2006 was an anomaly year where everyone scored a ton as defense and goalies had trouble adjusting.

2. No one knew who he was or how to defend him yet.

3. Zubrus and Clark fit him really well, his current linemates do not. Perhaps Ribeiro and Ward could get there.

4. He was super pumped being a young guy in the NHL. He no longer gets that pumped for every game, but he's still an animal in the playoffs and rivalry games, and above average in most games. Last year he scored 38 goals on a team that was playing an extremely system with scrubs for linemates who couldn't finish anything (hence the enormous assist drop). On a solid offensive team that would probably have been a 45-45 year.

Either way, despite the horrible start (though he's blamed for far more than he's responsible for) I can see him finishing this season close to PPG on our complete mess of a team, and on a more well constructed team he's probably PPG+ while still being a cannon in the playoffs. In Ottawa he's probably around a PPG+ player in MacLean's system and a PPG+ wrecking ball in the playoffs. There are really no words to described how much the caps ****ed up with him and in general. Look at how Semin, aka biggest cancer of last year, is doing in Carolina. They love him.
This is essentially a list of excuses.

Ovechkin was outscored by PARANTEAU.

At 9.5mil it shouldn't matter who his line mates are. Being in discussion for the best player in the world(not anymore) and he requires good linemates to score.

OV has simply regressed to an average 1st liner,

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