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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
I wish I had all the answers, but I don't. And neither do the players on the ice. All I can think of is that as a group, they have gotten stale offensively and lack the finesse, skill, and firepower to create more offense.

We all know that the scoring woes go a long way back. Last season they finished second to last in goals for. They only netted 118 goals at even strength. The season prior, the Kings offense was the 25th worst in the league, but they had scored 30 more goals at even strength. In 2009-10, the Kings had the 9th best offense in the league.

As well as Doughty has played, he isn't doing enough to help this team offensively. A majority of the Kings shots are blocked and deflected wide or out of play. They simply lack creativity on offense and are too predictable when they enter the blueline.

On the other side of the puck, this team is blowing simple assignments. Take the loss against the Ducks, the loss against the Oilers, and tonight's loss. A majority if not all of the goals could be attributed to blown coverage. A lot of players look to be a step behind and slow in their reactions.

I'm not going to use the short training camp as an excuse as every team has had the same amount of time to prepare. I would like to think that coaching isn't the problem and that this is more of a personnel issue. I'm a big fan of Darryl Sutter and think that Dean Lombardi generally makes the right decisions, but sometimes I think that Lombardi and his antiquated ways is dead set on having a rugged set of forwards and he places less of an emphasis on skill.

I posted this bit of info on the other games thread, but it is preposterous to see that David Clarkson's nine goals is higher than the combined goals for Dustin Brown, Mike Richards, Justin Williams, Dustin Penner, Simon Gagne, Jarret Stoll, Trevor Lewis, Dwight King, and Jordan Nolan. That's one player who has more goals than nine combined Kings players, five of whom are considered top six talent.

If you've read my comments, you'll see that I'm not unfairly negative on the team, but neither am I overly optimistic. I call it as I see it and at face value, this team is disappointing and not performing at the level they should be playing at. It is very reminiscent of the Kings we saw for a majority of last season. That concerns me.

I would never accuse you of being overly negative nor wildly optimistic ziggy so no worries there. If I didn't respect your views (which you know by now over the years that I do) I wouldn't ask.

I have the belief that all of our woes for our poor start are due to two things and they are injuries to very key players and a new PP coach trying to establish an entirely new way of working the PP (at least for the Kings over the past few years).

The injuries problem does point out another more long term and equally serious potential problem and that is this, if we are going to struggle so much do to the loss of two veteran key defencemen as well as a nagging injury to Kopitar and our kids aren't ready yet or we don't have enough similar styled kids ready to step in then this is going to happen more and more over this and next season.

Take Muzzin for example. He is more of a PMD that can play with an edge (though he hasn't done so with us and only does so in MCH from time to time) and I wouldn't call him a stay at home type of D or the kind of Dman who can fill the shoes of WM or MG.

To me this is important because asking a PMD to step in and provide veteran leadership along with playing a completely different style of game at the highest level in their sport is more likely to fail than it is to succeed.

Had Muzzin been brought up to replace A Mart we would be talking about how good a job he has done so far or even if he had been brought up to fill in for VV though he wouldn't have likely provided close to the same amount of O that VV does I would expect Muzzin to have done pretty good job.

IF Gravel were ready for the NHL he is absolutely the type of player who could step in and play a stay at home style of game and that is what I see him doing in a couple (3 imo) years for us. Forbort, a player who I have just seen play 7 consecutive games live over the past few weeks is a tweener/hybrid type who might be able to play both roles (stay at home and PMD) but I don't see him as a top pairing type of kid. To me he will be a 4/6 guy but he still has a ways to go and can skate really well so time will tell.

The reason that this is so important imo is that we have structured our D to be a SAH/PMD pairing system and we have lost our #1SAH and our #3SAH who is the only really physical D man that we have (or at least most consistently physical dman we have).

Losing both WM and MG at the same time is crippling and largely the cause for our poor start.

That said.

I am a bit surprised so far with how we are still a team that is struggling at times to find any fluidity to our offence. I don't see us as having scoring troubles per se but more that we are having major transitional problems that is leading to our struggling in both the neutral zone and the O zone.

Now that could be due to the fact that we are missing WM and MG and that is causing everyone to do things that they wouldn't normally do and it also could be because we have different players trying to cover their jobs but to me it still looks like there could be a little bit more to it than that.

I won't know until we either address the losses of WM and MG in a manner that can truly fix the problem or each of them return to play but it is at least an interesting thing to see.

I didn't think that once DS came in that we had suddenly found the answer to all of our scoring woes and I didn't think that we had during the playoffs either. I believed that we gelled as a team under DS and that during the playoffs our size speed and skill made us truly impossible to beat night after night on a consistent basis.

That does bring me back to what I see being really our true reason for our poor start though and that is all offence begins with defence and when our D is missing its top pairing SAH and its 3rd pairing SAH too that we are going to struggle everywhere and that is as simple as that.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, you do have allot of the answers or at least a solid and well informed take and are at worst food for thought and always very solid in each of your positions.

I may not always agree with each of your takes (though I do spend allot of time thinking about what you have written) but I do always respect what you have to say.

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