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02-11-2013, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Catamarca Livin View Post
I like Linden but the best thing he did for the orgainzation after 94 was get traded. We got McCabe, Bertuzzi (and Rutuu). McCabe plus first (nobody) got Henrik Sedin. Basically Bertuzzi got Luongo. So maybe we can agree that your Luongo, and our captain Henrik came from Linden and he should be appauded for that. It is unfortuate that Trevor's career plateaued then regressed at such a young age. I will never understand what happened to him hockey player wise. To go from a Canadian Olymipian to a scrub in a couple years. Thank God the Sedins just kept on improving to become elite players. Trevor while playing with the Canucks helped them be a good team for about 4 year's with the 94 Cup run being the pinnicle Trevor's contribution by being traded is the gift that keeps on giving!! It gave up the West Coast Express Era, the Luongo and Sedin President Cup era, and will contribute to the Sedin/Schneider Stanley Cup Era.
well bertuzzi and spare parts became luongo and spare parts, so if you think about it, linden not only was a primary force behind 1994 (1/3 out of him, pavel, and mclean), but his trade was also directly responsible for half of our core for the 2011 run (2/4 out of the sedins, luongo, and kesler).

and furthermore, he and the guy he was traded for (assuming it's henrik and not daniel) will soon have combined to scored more points in this uniform than any two other guys in franchise history. <3 <3 <3

and the more i think about it, the more crazy that trade seems. this is what those guys achieved after they were traded for linden or traded for guys linden was traded for:

bertuzzi, 1st team all-star
mccabe, 2nd team all-star
henrik, 1st team all-star (x2) + hart + art ross/daniel, 1st team all-star + 2nd team all-star + hart runner up + art ross
luongo, 2nd team all-star + hart runner up + jennings

thinking about it this way, which i am right now for the first time, i think i'm ready to make peace with messier/keenan.

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