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02-11-2013, 12:31 AM
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Surprised the team isn't drawing. Whether the stadium is a pile of crap or not, they should be bringing people in. They have been a good team, and bandwagon or not it brings fans. Yeah, a new stadium can bring fans (PNC Park), but if the team goes to losing then fans go away (not always, usually).

Even when the Pens threatened to leave if no new arena, I thought it was odd. They were getting better and starting to sell out. It's just a move to get what you want. Guess the luxury boxes could be needed, but as far as selling out (or at least not alot of empty seats) a stadium it should be no issue when you're doing well.

If TB is having attendance issues, I wouldn't put money into something new. They are doing well, and the fans should come no matter how the stadium is.

Would like to see the Hampton roads/norfolk area get a professional team instead of Richmond/Raleigh. That's just beacuse my brother lives there though. Have been to a couple Admirals games, never to a Tides game though. Would like a pro team there for personal reasons when I visit lol.

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