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02-11-2013, 01:41 AM
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MVP? (and why)

Dubnyk... only reason the Oilers aren't in last place in the NHL. I honestly think he's a true blue Hart trophy candidate right now.

Player who has surprised you with his play this season?

Dubnyk... didn't think he'd be near this good.

Player who has disappointed you with his play this season?

Whitney... sad that he's lost it. Bag o' pucks level of bad at this stage.

Smyth... should get a job as a penalty timekeeper... he's already in there pretty much full time. Slow, poor decision making... liability on the ice. Hordichuk would be more useful at this point... REALLY.

Petry has been nothing... thought he'd be a decent top 4 guy but hasn't looked anything like he did even late last season, has regressed and looks like he may be bottom pairing at best at this rate.

RNH... guy must be hurt or else he is looking like a guy that has regressed severely.

Potter... sucks but we all knew that.

Eberle... snake bit and in a funk but isn't playing as smart as he can. I think he'll break out though... too good a talent not to.

Hall... putting up points but 2 goals and you know he should have more. Like Eberle.. I think he starts potting a few and he'll break this funk.

Smid... taken a step back imo as well but he's still the top blocker and hitter so I'm not getting too down on the guy who plays his heart out and gives all he's got. I obviously think the team around him is making him look worse than he is.

Strongest area of the team? (offense/D/Goaltending)

Goaltending by FAR at this point. All other areas are mediocre to poor. PK is solid mainly because of Dubnyk as well. PP was good but seems to be regressing with the rest of this team.

Thoughts on coaching and system in place?

Is there a system in place?

Potter over Fistric... stupid. Smyth at centre... stupid. Yak with VV and MPS... stupid. Team doesn't shoot enough, hit enough, drive to the net enough... did I mention they don't shoot enough? Suck at faceoffs and poor decision making in the offensive zone at ES and on the PP that doesn't lead to enough shots and pressure on opposing dmen and goalies.

Krueger has done nothing so far to impress me and he's one Dubnyk cold stretch away from me calling for his head on a plate.

Positives from the Oilers so far?

Goaltending looks solid. J Schultz looks like a stud #1 guy that will dominate given time. I like Yak so far but he's right in the midst of a team going through a massive cold spell on offense so it's hard to judge how a green rookie is doing in the middle of that. 5 goals so far tells me he's not the problem.

Areas where the Oilers need to improve?

Shoot the ****ing puck. faceoffs (easier said than done). More physicality. (Fistric over Potter/Whitney helps in that department). Peckham may help as well.

Overall grade for the Oilers?

D (A for goaltending)

Revised season outcome for the Oilers (in terms of position in the NHL/West they finish)?

I said 5th in the West originally because I'm usually a super optimistic guy (not really.. but with regards to the Oilers yes). I thought this would be the year they take a quantum leap with so much talent that they'd leapfrog several teams. I'm still doggedly sticking to that prediction even though this 1st quarter has been an eye opening reality check like a slap in the face with a big, sloppy 15 pound mackerel.

They really are fundamentally a team with SO many holes yet... it's amazing they have 13 pts after 12 games. That's a pace of 52 pts over 48... 89 over a full season. Not enough to be a playoff team but certainly more pts than they deserve by their performances so far this season where they have been dominated all year in so many departments. Outshot, outhit, putrid faceoffs, bad 5 on 5 play... giveaways... the list goes on.

If you want to do individual grades, feel free.[/QUOTE]

It's a team game so I'll just say the team taken as a whole has been very underwhelming. I don't think it's terminal but it's going to take a HELL of a lot of work on the part of the coaching staff to turn this team around AND Tambo will have to make some moves because changes need to happen.

It's pretty clear that some better vets who can actually win faceoffs, shoot the puck and hit people are needed on this roster.

Easier said than done when 29 other teams are also looking for those ingredients as well. It just seems the Oilers are once again bottom of the barrel in many essential departments. I naively thought they were further along than they are. Nope.

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