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02-11-2013, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Who knew that one line is considered first line when they've scored 5 goals and the second line has scored 12?

This is a line 1A, and 1B team and time to start approaching it that way. Especially as the topline was struggling.

I guess it makes sense to you that the player with the least impact on the PP, and the least pts on the PP, was getting the most PP minutes.
So the 2nd line has done better facing easier competition, that's great, however they are still a - line and the 2nd line. All that this means is that they are doing their job of putting the puck in the net but not on the other side of the puck. It does not make them the 1st line no matter how much you wish that it would.

Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Woah Woah, when did i ever crap on any specific players? When did i crap on one of the kids?
I have been calling out THE TEAM for subpar play, not any specific players. The entire team needs to be better and yes, they deserve to be called out for poor performances. The only players who have been consistently good is Justin Schultz and Dubnyk.

The rest of the team including the young players AND the veterans needs to be better if the team is to even have a sniff of the playoffs. I see nothing wrong with calling out the team for being poor which they have been more times than not. After many years of poor play, i expect this team to show real, live improvement and i don't see it.
I don't know how anyone could say this, the offensive results aren't there but there are improvements on this team if people are willing to put their emotions aside and look at them. Gagner, Hemsky, and Belanger are all doing better, as is Paajarvi and Harski. RNH looks very solid defensively, Dubnyk looks good so far, there are positives.

Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
Kay. Just sit silently and blissfully wait and see exactly how long this goalless slump goes.
He should've had one against LA, it won't be the last time that he has a goaless drought this long. Last season means Jack at this point, it's all about this season. My $ is on him scoring in the next 5 games unless he gets hurt, 2 week avatar bet, you down?

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Few teams have a second PP unit that has been better than the first. Many teams have one bonafide PP unit and a patchwork quilt for the second unit.

We have no shortage of talent on this club to put on a PP. Not really the problem on this club. But then again we have so many players we could insert into the PP that RNH could be given a brief rest from that duty to view it and perhaps note what he's not doing with the minutes he's granted.
Gagner's hot start doesn't make that unit the defacto #1 unit no matter how bad you want it to be Replacement. All that this does is give us hope that if the top unit can't score that the 2nd might. That's something that most teams don't have so we should all be happy about that IMO.

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