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02-11-2013, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyingHigh28 View Post
And those who need a comparison to figure out why most fans like Holmgren, look no further than Ruben Amaro Jr, the man who took a championship team, drastically increased the salary, and has seen the results get progressively worse each year he's managed the team.

Ruben Amaro Jr is a terrible GM, but he's exciting, he makes a ton of high profile moves for high profile players and that makes fans happy. Ditto Paul Holmgren. He's always wheeling and dealing. Doesn't matter if it's for better or worse, he's an exciting GM and fans perceive his activity and his knee-jerk reactions as showing that "he cares".

I don't agree with that philosophy; I think all GMs care deeply about the product they put on the ice and about making the team better, but for some reason a ton of fans think the organizations they root for are all evil, money-grubbing enterprises where GMs routinely cut corners to save $$$, and to those fans, Holmgren and the Flyers wheeling and dealing and constantly overpaying for guys and pushing the limits of the cap shows that they really care.

I don't understand it, but I've come to accept it.
I think the only difference between the two is Homer's actually good at drafting and evaluating talent (when the resources are there) and Amaro's horrible at drafting and evaluating talent (with or without having the resources).

With the new CBA making it difficult for Homer to go about his normal ways. Maybe he'll have to get away from his wheeling and dealing philosophy. I think Homer could be a good GM if he learned its ok to stay put sometimes and try to build the organization through the draft. But I guess we'll see around the deadline and offseason if he changes.

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