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02-11-2013, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by 12345 View Post
This thread is pure lol.

All you need to do is tell Prust to his ass on the bench and not rile up the other team. His job is to provide energy to Montreal, not boost up the other team.

You guys are seriously planning to give away roster spots to scrubs just because of Saturday? I think those roster spots are better spent elsewhere.

Glad we have Prust, but...I saw the same thing too.
We were losing, so...Prust started bullying a few Leaf players.

Leafs kept scoring...Prust kept bullying.
Prust gets ejected.

Now the Leafs have fun bullying our players.
Not sure if the Leafs would have done that if it weren't for Prust going after some Leaf players.

Nutshell: we couldn't play hockey and got beat badly...if you can't win by playing hockey...pakc up your stuff and leave. Don't keep playing until you lose AND get injured. We almost lost Pleks and Gorges could have been really injured against a GOON. What the **** is our 3rd best dman fighting a nobody GOON? Staubitz should still be here for that

Another nutshell:
getting a policeman is for those games were WE GET BULLIED/INJURED (ex: vs the Bruins when we beat them by playing hockey). Against the was us who started to bully (Prust), and then they gave it back to us when Prust got ejected. Obviously I didn't like to see that (Gorges fighting a goon), but when we lose...bullying will not solve anything.

Prust and White are getting a lot of blame for our losses.
For me...Prust did what he usually does but maybe too much vs the Leafs. You could save that stuff for when the other team goes after our star players. The Leafs weren't doing anything but scoring (nothing illegal about that).

Pacioretty and Chara:
Chara was a sleeping giant, until...Pacioretty shoved him. A simple ****ing shove and Chara later gets his revenge...Pacioretty is out for playoffs...Chara wins the Cup. No ****ing justice.

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