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02-11-2013, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by StalockSuperfan View Post
Sorry, what happened here?
Was hitting on some dude's girlfriend and making inappropriate advances at a bar. Pissed off boyfriend kicks the **** out of him. Front office got wind of it, didn't like it.

Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
You implied it is when you asked if he's a good fit for Thornton. There's simply no absolving the organization for a player who has all the tools but doesn't make it due to their mentality. It is up to the organization to put together an environment to push for maturity and professionalism. And if the player gets that and still can't put it together, it's on the organization for not figuring that out before drafting him. Those types of issues aren't difficult to find out when you scout these players. It's just a question of whether you think you can actually handle those issues. This team has had more than one issue in that regard and that's also something that needs to be changed.

Plus, this particular pick showed a bit of arrogance on the organization's part. Both in terms of dealing with Setoguchi's attitude and the scouting department's belief of what they see in players.
Wasn't implying it, but I can see the confusion.

There certainly is some absolving for the organization in Seto's situation.

Do you really think the Sharks don't have a professional environment? The organization isn't going to babysit you outside of the workplace. Even Todd was fed up with him. "We tried hugging him, we tried kicking him". The writing was certainly on the wall that his ass was going to be shipped out of here on the best package we can find.

These issues with player mentality isn't always easy to detect, either. I don't recall any organization having permission to stalk junior players personal lives or basing their choices based on rumors.

The one adjustment this organization needs to make is having someone sit down at the interview process who scrutinizes and figures out prospects at the combine.

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