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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
This is a blatant lie, i never once said that. I said he's not "ensured to be a top 50 forward", i also said "i could list close to 50 players that were better or at least arguably better". Which is to say there are certainly arguments for numerous players being ranked ahead of him. Look at it this way the NHL has over 100 years of history, to be top 50 means, assuming we give equal weight to all decades, that he was a top 5 forward for his decade. You really don't need to fabricate things, i try to respond to things you said and i don't put words in your mouth, so i would certainly appreciate if you didn't do it to me. Have you even been reading what i'm writing or just assuming what i''m writing based on some key words you noticed?

Note: the word arguably means that it's up for debate. I really think the issue is you are very confused with what i had said to begin with.
Well heck, anyone can argue anything, it's not difficult to infer what I inferred was it? Calling my statement a blatant lie is really misleading from where we started.

Selanne's track record is really strong, you can make an argument that Bucyk was better for example, it just doesn't stand up very well.

Guys like Shutt and Sittler even more so.

You also pointed out were Selanne wasn't dominant over his competition when in fact in his 1st 10 years he was 1st in goals and 2nd in points.

If his resume isn't a lock for top 50 forwards of all time then frankly I have no idea on what metric you are using and good luck trying to defend the arguments for some of the guys you listed.

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