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02-11-2013, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by dahrougem2 View Post
It's not a horrible trade when you think about it. Jake Gardiner was playing fantastic last season for the leafs and ideally in my opinion he'd be a perfect partner for Erik Johnson, he's a fast skating puck moving d-man with some size. Not a bone crushing hitter but he does have size and we know Johnson can hit when he wants to, Gardiner seems like a great fit. Then, you have Phaneuf who, while overpaid, can play on the 2nd pair and not have the pressure of being the top guy on him, like he's had in both Calgary and Toronto, and I think that's where he is supposed to be, on the 2nd pairing with the ability to play 20-22 minutes per game, Johnson/Gardiner 23-25 minutes per game and then the 3rd pairing playing 15 minutes per game. Then there's Kulemin, and while I agree he probably bolts to Pittsburgh the first chance he gets to join Malkin, I'm thinking about this imagining that he does not, it is a thread speculating the roster for next year lol, I think he'd be a great 3rd line winger for us.

Would it be great to have Seth Jones? Absolutely, but I don't want to wait 3 or 4 years for Jones to develop fully and basically still be stuck in rebuild mode, I want to win now, I believe that the trade fills a need for us, allocates ice time for O'Reilly to be the #2 centre, and gives us depth.
Nope. I thought about it. Horrible trade.

Here's the thing about Phaneuf. He's a big baby, always has been. You say he'd do better on the 2nd pairing, but if he's not getting top minutes and a top role he pouts. You seriously should've seen the Flames/Avs game I went to when both him and Bouwmeester were on the Flames. They rolled out the power play and both of them ran the points. Should've worked, right? Wrong. Phaneuf took the puck in the defensive zone and wouldn't let Bouwmeester get anywhere near it, wouldn't ever pass to him. Ever. Even if Bouwmeester was open or if a forechecker/PKer were bearing down on him. Seriously, even though J-Bo was/is the better outlet passer and could probably skate it up better too. Remember one of the reasons Sutter finally dealt his golden boy was how disruptive he was in the locker room. The guy's a divisive presence and one of many foolish moves the Leafs made was pinning the C on him.

Gardiner could be awesome, but to trade our top player from last year and a potential top-5 pick for a guy who could be a top NHL defenseman and a guy who never has been? No, no, a thousand times, no. I have no desire whatsoever to bail the Leafs out of their current predicament, and that's pretty much what that trade would do, along with setting our own rebuild back a few years.

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