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Buffy (The best tv show ever. But the first season can be... MEH)
Angel (A spin off from Buffy, a must see if you see Buffy)
Sons of anarchy (Motorcycle club drama stuff. A lot of action and drama.)
Supernatural (Two brother traveling around in America and killing deamons)
The walking dead (Zombies.)
The Shield (Insane cop show with som heavy writing and acting. The endind is just heart breaking)
The X files (Just like Buffy, it set trends. A classic. Two FBI agents taking on supernatural cases)
First Wave (A sci fi show about alien invasion. Its like The X files, it's REALLY GOOOD.)
Death Note (A guy finds a book, every person he writes down in it, dies. He goes insane and plays god. An extremly well written fantastic story. KILLER SHOW)

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