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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
Ok, so a few points:

1) This is not about the actual game. Sometimes I'm appalled by the behavior of Rangers fans at games. Some guy before the game, I really hope he was doing some serious pre-gaming and is not just a complete lowlife sober. Anyway some Rangers fan yelled to some girl "Show me your ****!" (breasts rhymes with bits). I was appalled.

2) First the negative. The beginning of the game was one glorious odd man rush for the Bolts after another. Though I remember Devils fans constantly lamenting how during the years when they were really good they'd allow like 20 shots, but the chances they let up were glorious. I think this year Torts is playing a more high risk game that would lead to such opportunities. With our goalie, defense (they can break up some of these odd man rushes) and yes even the offense, I like this method a lot more.

3) The positive. Total domination. 5-1, doesn't even begin to describe it. This is the most talented team I've ever seen the Rangers have. Up and down the lineup no one is out of place. No Boyles, Fedotenkos, Rupps, even Prusts, playing on lines they shouldn't be. Our 3rd line, IMO can be a second line on some teams (they probably won't be elite teams but nonetheless I believe this). We have a 40 goal scorer on the 1st line, a 40 goal scorer on the 2nd line (granted one of these, depending what you consider the first line did it once, but he also scored 30 multiple times), and a guy that probably would have scored 30 two years in a row on the 3rd. We have a bunch of guys playing a lot worse than their career would indicate and none of them are ridiculously old (not even Richards), they should only get better. The defense is excellent. Even Gilroy is serviceable. No comedicly bad 6th defenseman now. Stralman is a very good 5th D-man. Then you have our best player in Hank. I think top to bottom this is the most complete team in the NHL. Even the Hawks have a question mark in goal (as well as he's played). As far as this game goes, seems like we finally are a team that can pass and play puck control. Granted this is not Boston's D. Still, it was impressive to watch the team play puck control. We really dominated the puck. When we got in their zone we constantly made something happen. Meanwhile TB, despite a few good odd man rush opportunities did nothing in their zone. Just total domination.

4) As I said, we have a number of very good players underachieving (even including Stepan in this) and I can't see at least most of these guys not improving significantly. We are about to finish a murderer's row schedule. Things are looking up.
1) Wait, so one guy, acting like a stereotypical male jackass, says show me your **** and you equate it to a generalization of all Rangers fans, as if there truly is that risk we are all like that? Pathetic.

2) Pretty sure Torts being redfaced reading the riot act to everyone on the bench for their loose play kinda disproves your theory.

3) On paper, as it was even with the others and before the season started, we were the 'best team in the nhl'. But one game does not make the paper become 3 dimensional. Feel good game for sure. But with all the underperformance you mentioned, and the first time all season we've won 2 in a row, I'd say we've got some ways to go before we could say we're the best team in the nhl in any sort of reality. On paper? Hey, papers nice. We can hang it up in our offices after we miss the playoffs for being only a few games over 500. Hopefully, we will in fact come together and the stars will perform better on the scoresheet. I have faith we will. But it'll be at least 3 weeks of really solid play before we can make any best team claims.

4) Yeah, when players are underperforming to such a level, it is definitely our hopes some will improve significantly as things get rolling. We need it much sooner than later. But tonight definitely felt good, and things are looking up for sure, as long as we keep this consistency going.

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