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What more needs to be said..

Originally Posted by DaBadGuy7 View Post

The #2 Worst Jersey goes to the New York Rangers (sorry roynyr). The reason I have included the Rangers is that they are still using the boring jerseys that have "RANGERS" spelled down the front of them, when they have the beautiful alternate jerseys with the Statue of Liberty logo on them. The "Lady Liberty" jerseys are so much more attractive, so I donít understand why they donít burn the old ones!

The Rangers apparently got their name from Garden president G.L. "Tex" Rickard and sportswriters terming the team "Tex's Rangers". That gives some amount of legitimacy to their badge-like logo. Unfortunately, they didn't jump on using the Rangers starred badge, and now baseball's Texas Rangers have it. So the logo designer is left with the challenge of creating a new Rangers-ish logo without stepping on Texan's toes. Given that, it's an adequate job.

From a design standpoint, the logo is easily recognizable and fairly easy to read at varying sizes. It's hard to criticize. Ultimately, though, it's also hard to praise. Nothing stands out as inventive or creative. Hence, the middle of the pack finish.

Advice: The Rangers' secondary logo is great, making use of iconic statue while possibly alluding to the pointed star of the Texas badge. Adopt it as your primary logo.

This isn't I heard that the Rangers jersey and logo are bland and need to be updated and the original rangers look has run its course. Should the Rangers adpot the liberty jersey as its primary logo along with blue and white verisons of the logo and the classic blue "RANGERS" slanted jersey be the 3rd Jersey?

P.S:Here's how the White Liberty Jersey looks:
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