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02-11-2013, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
ANd your correct about the goaltending and defense they are 1st in the league there at 1.82 which is unsustainable.

This team is waiting for a bomb to go off against them offensivly. They dodged one in Sa Jose someone is going to blow this team out soon it may well be tonight.
As bad as the game was, if it wasn't for Pekka and the defense tonight it very well may have been 10-0.

A number of times the defense was ready for Kane and the twirling **** he tries to pull. Josi was right on him and he got one pass off the first time but after that every time he tried it he was shut down. Hannan stopped him one time only to be punched in the face by Kane right in front of the ref, which of course was not called.

We're playing too soft, too passive, too slow, too quiet, too individual, too small.

For a team that prides itself on being hardworking, we sure got outworked tonight. We were beat to almost every loose puck. And no communication out there either. A few times 2 Preds went for one puck but hesitated because they thought the other would get to it first. Meanwhile, the blackhawk player just cut between them and took the puck to other end for a scoring chance without getting a bit of resistance.

Did they change the rules of hockey to no-checking? Or did someone manage to convince the Predators that they now play in a no-checking league? Because outside of one Great hit on Toews by Klein, I didn't notice anyone even trying to take the body or play physical at all. Oh, well, at least not until the last 5 minutes of the third period when Chicago quit playing offense and was concentrating on preserving the shutout.

I have never seen a team that just refuses to put the puck on the net. Two of Chicago's goals were because they just threw it towards to the net. The Preds constantly look for the pass. Sometimes it OK to just TAKE THE SHOT! No one on the team is really a threat to score (maybe Wilson) because they just don't shoot enough to put any fear into the the defense or goalies.

We might just set a league record for fewest shots on goal in a season. I really had my doubts that we would even reach 10 shots for the game.

Why do none of our top line guys go to the net? They skate around it or just avoid it all together. The game in STL, look who got the goals and how they got them. By going to the net and getting rebounds. No one goes to screen the goalie, no one is there for passes. And if by some miracle someone does get there for more than a second, they don't see the puck and the pass goes right through their legs. Tonight Wilson made some great slick passes to an empty slot area. His line mates were all next to him BEHIND the net! Hornqvist is still at least 2 weeks away and he can't/doesn't play 60 minutes, so someone has got to step up and learn how to go to the net consistently.

There are about 5-6 guys on the team that are out there every shift trying to create something. And of those 5, maybe 2 actually have the talent to do it, but just haven't yet this year. The other 3-4 are out there working hard, but they just don't have the talent to bring the offense we need.

I don't understand the problem with this team. It's basically the exact same team that was a top 10 offense last season and a #1 PP. And don't tell me it's all Suter, he didn't play 60 minutes a night.

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