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02-11-2013, 03:42 AM
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I see little condemnation of our management while the coaching staff gets blamed for player decisions on the ice. Our reaction to icing the worst fourth line in hockey was to try it again. Insanity. We have all the same deficiencies as we've had for years while MacTambLowe smiles for pictures with draft picks.

***** MacTambLowe says:

Lupul naw, Pitkanen, meh, O'Sullivan.. YES!
Rolli, way to old for 2 years; Khabi for 4!
Potter has played well his first dozen games; lock-em up longterm
Glencross doesn't deserve 1.2 million; leave him for Calgary
Look at all these wingers!
Mmmmm 5"10 AND offensive.. You had me at 5"10!
This team is one Hossa away from contending
Petry has outplayed Gilbert for twenty games; let's trade Gilbert!
We need a DVD!
This team is full of strong leaders; 20 games later... We need a culture change, our vets are entitled, trade/waive, sewer the legacy of the players that took us to the cup
We need leadership and vets!
This team is one Heatley away from contending
Torres is too physical; we need Brule!
No, we need physical players; let's spend 6 rounds drafting for need
We are one Penner away from contending
The building is dead because we lose all the time; cheerleaders!
I dunno cheerleading is really misogynist, "just get average girls then its not sexist"
Smyth scores, but Horcoff works hard in the gym; easy decision
Oops, well I'll take Smyth back so he can retire; for three years
We don't need a big center that wins face-offs; brodziak for free
Laraque is a plug; injuries... ugh need tough guy; NO, team toughness; nope toughguy; Hordichuck 1:02 TOI
What's a bridge contract?
Sign Souray cuz he's nothing like Pronger; Ahh he's worse.. Rot!
O-Dman don't fall from the sky, let's trade intangibles
He fell from the sky!!! If only we had character center and defensive depth

Seriously, this team lacks a strong vision or identity from the top. In fact it seems to change staunchly in one direction dependent on the last twenty games. It amazes me how many athletes get jobs in upper management. Coaching and scouting sure, but its the only multi-million dollar business that is routinely lead by people of average intellect. Baseball and Soccer realized it, everyone else is behind.

Lowe in the past could at least work a trade negotiation. Tamby seems to have negated that quality.

We've blamed three good coaches now for the failures of the team. It's easier, but the management makes poor decisions repeatedly.

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