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02-11-2013, 02:55 AM
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So you know that city of mine that had 2.25 Million? It now has 3.1 Million.

I had gotten it to 2.5 Million when I started to notice something: despite all of my sims having a maxed out EQ, my school grade was considered low. So I googled the issue, found out it's because the Opera house reward is bugged to bejeezus and back. It has an educational capacity but no way to monitor and increase funding for it. So I downloaded the mod someone made to fix it a decade ago and went through the lengthy installation process (have to go through and demonish EVERY opera house I have before installing it, otherwise the mod wont take and if I demolish after installing, its an instant crash to desktop).

So I re-build my opera house, jack the things funding as high as it will go, and 600,000 sims move in to my city LITERALLY OVERNIGHT.

That just shows you how BIG this bug is. And I have a feeling my city now has a crap ton more growth ahead of it now that this giant cap has been annihilated.

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