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02-11-2013, 03:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Luis Gudbrunson View Post
Is that the consensus on these forums so far? From the GDTs and my own observations seems like it's been our Defense and not so much Theo. That coupled with our history of low scoring. There's also the possibility that I'm blind and/or stupid.

Thanks for letting me know when I can and cannot respond.
no problem

im growing frustrated with the responses - people are nitpicking points but sidestepping the main premise. debating semantics is pointless.

theodore has not been not playing well lately. he was great the first 3 games he started, but since then he hasn't been good. there is something wrong with his technique, and i'm not a goaltending coach so i can't pinpoint it exactly, but i know enough about the position (having played it for 20+ years, competitively) to see it. just about every weak goal has been on his blocker side when shooters are coming off his left side. he's leaving too much room short side in those situations. it almost looks like he's guessing, but he's not (no goalie at this level does that...obviously) the sulzer goal in particular in buffalo was laughably bad.

he needs to correct it quickly or we're in trouble, unless of course, our management is listening and give a certain someone a chance to step in while theo finds his game. but we don't have much time for him to figure it out or we're going to get buried.

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