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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
Lot of the blame falls on Bergeron who is a bonafide star NHLer but is very (VERY) poor on the powerplay. (He's immune to criticism on here though.) I guess it will save us from having to give him 8 mil per next deal since he is so good otherwise. Scored tonight. So KEEP IT UP PATRICE!

Seguin is our only winger who is a PP specialist and he's been dissapointing so far this year, but you need to keep him on it.

Krejci is fine but hopefully can kick it up a notch man up. HIs game is suited to it. Doesn't seem to get the better wingers.

Z is Z I don't expect movement. Hamilton is young. Rest of our D's strengths don't lie on the man up.

Our personel isn't suited for the PP. That is why Bourque has been on it from day 1.
I refuse to support the notion that this roster simply isn't "suited" to have an at least decent PP.

Now I know Julien isn't exactly known for handing rooks prominent roles, but it seems quite apparent to me that Hamilton, as the best passer on the back end and the most agile d-man, should be playing the point on the PP. Put Dougie back there, Segs to the left as he's the only forward we have with a threatening on-timer, and Chara to the right. Park Looch in front and Krejci/Bergy/Marchy/Pevs or whomever as a roamer, and just crack one-timers from the half boards and the point. Build plays from an overloaded left side with Seguin, Hamilton, the roamer and Looch, leaving the Chara backdoor play as an option. I wouldn't want Chara on the puck on a regular basis, he's just too slow and indecisive nowadays. If Z is placed on the PP, he should be there to drop bombs and nothing else.

The absolute key to success is better movement in the overload to avoid getting pinned to the boards and being forced to chip the puck around the perimeter as has been the case in a lot of the PPs so far. Create a cycle in deep with Segs, Looch and the roamer and good things should happen. Seguin in particular should be doing so much better on the PP, but he's been way too stationary and thus easily shut down. part of this I think is due to Chara being on the point, feeding poor and/or mistimed passes that puts unnecessary pressure on Segs to make something happen with very limited time. A better passer up top should be a big benefit to the whole unit, and is probably the reason we've been seeing Krejci on the point more often. If Claude doesn't want to put Dougie in that spot, I'd prefer a guy like Peverley who is a bit more mobile and has been successful on the PP before.

Bit of a pointless essay perhaps, but the point is that this should be fixable. It's a matter of simplifying things and the guys out there being aware of where the other guys are and who's available. But since the PP looked crappier than perhaps ever last night after a good few days of possible drilling, I'm really losing faith in this ever getting any good unless someone new is hired to really shake things up and start over from scratch.

And while I agree that a super effective PP isn't a necessity for winning, it is important to at least score occasionally to keep the opposition honest in a way. It becomes debilitating and frustrating for the players too I'm sure, and often uplifting for the opponents when they get away with stuff without being punished. In the long run a functional PP is absolutely a boost and something that can put games away earlier, last night's game being a case in point.

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