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02-11-2013, 04:20 AM
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Originally Posted by OCSportsfan View Post
Lindholm - They brought him to NA since he was going to get a look like fowler did. Unfortunately he got a concussion, but he needed to get NA experience, even if it was in the AHL. They have not rushed him at all. Now they are being cautious and rather than have him play, hang out with the big club until he is healthy.

Rakell - He will probably be sent down soon enough. No reason not to give him some good knowledge while you can. He cant go to the AHL so I think they are trying to give him as much experience as they can since he is not going to get the high competition in Juniors. In my opinion they dont think keeping him up for the year will help his development.

Devo - This was a unique situation last year. He could not go to the AHL last year, and since he was physically dominate in juniors, I dont think they were confident in his development if they sent him down. He would have gone to the AHL last year if we could have sent him. Now that we can, you see him there. Again, they made a decision about his development, and I think he needs to prove himself in the AHL

We get excited when these guys are playing in the NHL, but in reality, it is often just part of their development. I would not expect Devo to be a regular in the NHL for 2 years, if he can improve.
Exactly! There`s the thing!
So why brought him to here? He needs NHL experience? Yes, he does, but so does every other player (prospect). But why you should put him in a situation like this, where, an 18 yo kid is put in a physical league like this?
Both Girgensons and Lindholm were the youngest players in AHL this year and both were drafted in the last draft. Guess what? Both are sitting with injuries a long time right now.
Him being with the big club is the best thing in this situation, i have no problem with that, i have a problem with the fact that he`s injured.

Rakell have played 4 games in more than a month. He`s 19 yo and he needs to play at that age which is very important to his development. With this tight schedule you also have much less trainings, optional practices etc. I have a hard time believing that this is best thing to do with Rakell.

Devo - maybe he was physically dominant, but he certainly could have developed more offensive skill in juniors. And he is far from being a physical force in the NHL. He tries to hit but if he does, it`s very soft and the oopposing player doesn`t get much more than simply pushed, not hit. I hoped Devo could get better this season, but he didn`t. I rather would have seen him ''dominating'' OHL than playing 8 minutes last year.

Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
First of all, coming to NA was Lindholm's call, and it made all the sense in the world. Getting used to the small ice and the physical game as soon as possible was a no-brainer. His injuries aren't a result of his body being too fragile. It's not like playing in Sweden could allow him to develop a better resistence to concussions. There's nothing to be done about that, and in every other way, making that move seemed to be the right call in every way.

You say that like it's a fact. There's no universal truth to what's better for a player that age. Sure, for the average kid playing big minutes is more important, as he still has offensive and defensive game to develop at that lower level. I think there's reasonable doubt to what Rakell has left to do in juniors. He plays a pro game. He won't get any better defensively playing against kids. He might learn to be more effective offensively when playing against kids, but that isn't really going to make his game better in the long run. Either way, the biggest thing here is that everybody knows this situation isn't a setup expected to last much longer. Having him around for a couple of weeks absolutely isn't going to hurt him. Add to that the very reasonable thing Boudreau said (via pesko). Most of individual development doesn't happen in the 60 minutes of a game, it happens in the many, many hours of practise between those short games.

Well, he does get that now that he showed he wasn't cutting it. It's not like we kept him around for an entire season playing "8 minutes", neither this nor last year. This time around, he was with the team in camp and to start the year, and he was given a few fair chances to prove he could stay. In the end he did not, and we reacted accordingly and sent him down. Giving him a fair chance to secure the spot he already had last year for not even ten games really isn't "rushing" him by any stretch of the imagination.
You should get experience when you`re ready. Maybe we should call up Roy to the Anaheim and put him in the situation paying against Murray, Greene and other big, physical defenseman? He needs more NHL experience, right? It was far from a no-brainer imo. OEL spent another year in Sweden and he is doing very good. First he got ready and only then went to the NA to get experience - that is how you should do it.
Better resistance to concussions? Yes, playing in Sweden (Euor hockey, bigger rinks, much less physicality) would allow him to build up a little bit, so he could resist more physical power coming at him. He could very well built up more pounds while taking much less risk playing in SEL at the same time.

I could agree on Rakell, but he doesn`t have a lot to prove much in juniors? How about getting over PPG pace?
I know he plays a good pro game already, but it`s hard to improve while you`re not playing.

I`m not talking about this year, but last year (Devo). And like i said at the begining of this converasation - i have a hard time to like this ''attitude'' of Murray.

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