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Originally Posted by mattihp View Post
Ice hockey was played at the summer olympics..
In hindsight you can call them "Summer Olympics", but the Winter Olympics didn't even exist back then, so it's an anachronism to look at 1920 with our notion of "Summer Olympics" vs "Winter Olympics" in the mind. Back then it was just THE Olympics (held from April to September!). That's why you have winter sports (figure skating 1908, ice hockey 1920) at "Summer" Olympics.

The push for Winter Games was against one of the Olympic Ideas: all participants, from all the countries and all the disciplines, should come together at one actual place (Olympic Village). But in the end strive to include more winter disciplines prevailed. In January/Februar 1924 an "International Winter Sports Week" was held before the Olympics (May-July) with figure skating and ice hockey plus several new disciplines (bobsleigh, nordic combined etc). It was only retroactively (1925) that this event was declared the first Olympic Winter Games however. From then on we have Winter Olympics. Before that they didn't exist.

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