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02-11-2013, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Lundface View Post
Here's my take on this whole thing. Alot of the problems we have in the post season can be attributed to the coaching staff. How many times now have we seen teams throw 5 man units ( a lot of them being elite, if they aren't well then the Sedins do fine) against the Sedins? The same thing ends up happening, if we're losing or sometimes even if we aren't, we become very vulnerable to counter attacks. When our checkers go up against other teams units we tend to just contain we don't exactly get the same offence out of those lines.

Start using the Sedins against the other teams top offensive players. Go power on power.

Why do this? Several things will happen:

1) The Sedins get away from defensive pairings and centers who's only real job is to stop them. With the penalties down, it isn't that hard to physically control the Sedins

2) This will force the Sedins to actually play some defence. The other teams top players won't be content containing the Sedins...they will save up energy to score them selves. The Sedins will get more opportunities in open ice on counter attacks as well which will only help us out. If they are cycling downlow they neutralize and frustrate the other teams top players

3) Opens up the second line/ third line to start playing offensively. Against most teams in the league our secondary scoring actually can hold their own defensively as well so this is low risk

I'm not sure if many people noticed this but after moving Burrows up with the Sedins Van has stopped matching the 3rd line with other teams top units. The Sedin line has started going up against the top units ( Parise/Koivu and Iginla/Tanguay) and a few things have happened. The top line controls the play down low thus hurting their top players and our secondary scoring can actually start playing offensively. We looked horrid offensively with Higgins/Burrows/Hansen playing shutdown. It simply puts too much pressure on the top line to produce

Hopefully AV continues to use this strategy even when Kesler returns
That is a rather intriguing observation. Granted, neither Minnesota or Calgary are playing particularly well, thus potentially hinging any proper analysis. But even so, the Sedins appeared their dominate selves the first time this season during both games. What I have noticed is teams unintentionally underestimate the Sedins. They border on possessing the best cycle game in the league, providing a significant advantage usually not afforded to the "power vs. power" match up.

One can only hope AV sees this.

Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Daniel was healthy and no-showed the SCF. He gets paid $6.1M and is expected to be a leader. Where did he go?

If that was the Sedins at their best, then they're only going to get worse going forward. I see no need to re-sign them at similar or more dollars. I would be open to what timw33 suggested which is bringing them back for 2 years at $4M per, but that's about it.
Evidently, it was not their best, considering the plethora of injuries we endured, skewing productivity. Your disdain for the Sedins is never ending and equally illogical. What I find perplexing is you often refuse to fault Luongo. He may not have cost us the series but his play was no better than the Sedins.

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