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02-11-2013, 06:18 AM
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Finally someone did this:

I love these kind of analysis, since it's actually a real world question. Not surprisingly it's still worthwhile to upgrade older platforms.

Crazy that you can get 49fps average @1080P High on BF3 with an overclocked Q6600 and a GTX 660. Even at stock 40 FPS is not too shabby.

Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
in the setup for Batman Arkham City is recommends a gtx570 and minimum gtx 460 for high physx i'm at/beyond what they recommend there.[/yt]
Pretty hefty requirements for a Phyx GPU unfortunately. Not too many people have a 460 laying about I imagine if I tried to use my 9800gtx it would probably slow me down more than help.

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