Thread: Injury Report: Peter Regin: Chest Injury
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02-11-2013, 06:38 AM
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My beef with the "rebuilding year" thing is not the term itself. It's a mindset that seems to say that it's ok to lose or not ice the best roster possible because we're not supposed to win anyway. Like everyone else I definitely understand that we may not be expected to win by people outside the organization. But the team itself should always be looking to catch lightning in a bottle if they can. Nobody expected Ottawa to do anything last year. Nobody expected Carolina to win back in '06. I guess I just don't like the insidiousness of that rebuilding approach. It should be viewed as an attempt to get better not an excuse to do worse. Fortunately I believe the team's management does view it that way primarily because Brian Murray is not Steve Tambellini and he's hungry to win now and later.

Paul MacLean likes Regin. He seems to see something in him that makes him believe there's more talent there under the surface. I think he convinced Murray to re-sign Peter in the off-season and I am ok with all of that. He's the coach and given his time in Detroit I'd say he's a pretty good evaluator of talent.

So fast forward to today. We've played a quarter of a shortened season. We've had two crippling injuries to key players - Cowen and Spezza. So at a time where we're especially short at the center position - a critical position where the team questionably placed Peter Regin because MacLean "hates" him on the wing - the one guy who you shouldn't look to rely on (but sort of have to rely on now) gets hurt AGAIN! And, I'm sorry, but I can't help but question the nature of these injuries. The one last year was, to me, a simple hockey hit that put him out for the season. The one last game has the feel of the same thing. This is not a player who gets down and dirty where you could understand the occasional injury. He plays a pretty soft game, really, and that would be ok if he'd stay in the damn lineup and produce.

So, to summarize, my complaints are not based on Regin's salary or length of contract or skill-set. It's based on the continued expectations we place on this player and the inevitablity of him being out of the lineup.

So yeah, I'm saying we consider making him a healthy scratch (sort of a funny term when used on Regin) and play JOB or Daug or Hoffman or trade for someone else because Regin does not fill any need we haven't already filled and he's made of glass. Move on. It is not bad luck.

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