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02-11-2013, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Kalvinators View Post
You should get experience when you`re ready. Maybe we should call up Roy to the Anaheim and put him in the situation paying against Murray, Greene and other big, physical defenseman?
What are you talking about? How can Lindholm with his body be compaired with Roy? How can Lindholm sustaining injuries in AHL and WJC prep tournament be compaired to playing the likes of Murray or Greene? Lindholm himself hasn't had to face that, so that's kind of useless exaggeration. And there's zero indication that Lindholm wasn't ready, other than him sustaining this injury, which could have happened anyhwere. The AHL still is a developmental league (and is focused on as developmental moreso than the SEL, which isn't saying it's better at it), so it's a perfectly suited place to become ready. And Lindholm's play there didn't let that appear questionable. There happened to be an injury. That's part of the game. Turning something as simple as an injury into a blown decision is simply unnecessary.

Originally Posted by Kalvinators View Post
OEL spent another year in Sweden and he is doing very good. First he got ready and only then went to the NA to get experience - that is how you should do it.
OEL has little to do with him. And again, there's no reason to believe that the extra year in the SEL made OEL ready for any kind of NA hockey. The extra year in SEL made OEL ready to step into the NHL almost right away. It's baseless to believe he wasn't ready for AHL a year earlier. There's also less altruistic motives for guys like OEL taking the SEL over the AHL, like being paid more in Sweden, and having an easier schedule.

Originally Posted by Kalvinators View Post
Better resistance to concussions? Yes, playing in Sweden (Euor hockey, bigger rinks, much less physicality) would allow him to build up a little bit, so he could resist more physical power coming at him. He could very well built up more pounds while taking much less risk playing in SEL at the same time.
Lindholm has more than enough pounds to not be overly suspect to head injuries. A big part of why he chose to go to NA right away was playing against that physical style, because that's precisely what he would not learn as well in SEL, given the differences you mentioned. Yes, there would have been less of a risk for injuries in Sweden, that's the point I absolutely give to you. But in the end, that risk would still be smaller next year, and the year after. The one single reason we even entertain the idea of him not being "ready" for the AHL is his injury. But as simple as that is, injuries happen, and the mere existence of such an injury, as common as it is, doesn't render him "unready" retroactively.

Originally Posted by Kalvinators View Post
I could agree on Rakell, but he doesn`t have a lot to prove much in juniors? How about getting over PPG pace?
That's what I described. He won't do that, because it's not the way he plays. And he doesn't need to learn doing that, frankly. Even if he did that for the rest of the year, that would be quite meaningless for his future. Physically, he's a man amongst boys in that league. Yeah, he could figure out ways to use his physical tools even more to his advantage against those 16-18 year old kids, but that's skills that won't help him out at the next level.

Originally Posted by Kalvinators View Post
I know he plays a good pro game already, but it`s hard to improve while you`re not playing.
Yes, and no. As I said in regard to that quote from Boudreau, improvement doesn't solely come along in games. It happens a lot more in practise than it does in the few minutes of game-night hockey. He's certainly learning and improving a lot more in the multiple practises playing against the likes of Getzlaf, Perry, Beauchemin, etc. than he would in the practises back in Plymouth. But sure, ideally you'd want to have both, and in the long- or even mid-term, having him without game-time isn't going to make sense. But this isn't the long run, for now. It's a short time, in comparision, over which the mentioned advantages can very well be seen to outweigh the upside of having him play some games against kids.

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