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02-11-2013, 07:19 AM
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I've said it before, I'll say it again, the Team with the most Canadian players win the Cup, year after year after year. What part of that don't people understand.
Look, I agree with you in principle. I love my Canadian players. There is no question that almost all Cup winners have had a large Canadian component. It's a question of is this correlation or causation? Does anyone question that Alfie has the most heart on this team? I don't. Zdeno Chara's been the most intimidating d-man for the past decade and he's Slovakian. Erik Karlsson is the only reason our team is still in the thick of things despite the loss of our #1 center.

Where I agree with you is in getting the right mix. I have to admit I'm not thrilled when we have too many of the same type of player - Regin, DaCosta, Condra, Silfverberg, Turris, Lundin Gonchar, Benoit - and not enough of the right role players to compliment them. More of the same doesn't always equal an aggregate increase in overall talent. Because talent needs room to work. Our team, of all teams, should know this based on our past experiences in the playoffs with talented teams that couldn't find space to work and were shutdown by more physical opponents. I have absolutely no desire to see that mistake repeated by people looking for a quick injection of talent (e.g. the Filatov experiment) while ignoring team chemistry and ability to actually play the hard fore-checking /puck-possession game that Maclean wants.

Ok, I'll put my big mouth on the line and get specific.

I wouldn't have DaCosta on the 4th line. He's a second liner or he's not on the team. I would permanently scratch Peter Regin unless we had no other choice from Binghamton or elsewhere. I would play Wiercioch-Benoit together or consider bringing up Boro or Gryba to play as a 6th dman. I would look to make a reasonable move for a veteran forward (e.g. Ryan Clowe) who can still play top-9 and contribute physically. No giving away of top prospects but if a move like this can be made for a mid-level prospect or pick then fine. And next year we get Cowen back so we're looking better even after losing Gonchar.

All of this is easier said than done but you can't tell me a roster like the one below wouldn't be in a better position to succeed in the playoffs than the one we have today....

Michalek - Spezza - Silfverberg
Clowe - Turris - Alfie
Lats - Smith - Neil
Greening - JOB - Condra

Methot - Karlsson
Wiercioch - Gonchar
Phillips - Gryba


It's not that there are more Canadians. It's that there is a better mix of skill and bangers. Like last year's team. I just want the team to have the best chance to win.

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