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02-11-2013, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post
Do you think TT and company will be focusing on forwards at the draft? With 4 picks in the top 2 rounds, we should be able to pick up some nice complementary pieces (Top6) and depending where we finish possibly some Elite talent. Just how far does the elite talent go in the first round? Also, we could amass even more picks if we trade some of our struggling vets.
I think they'll draft the best player available like they always do.
Originally Posted by schumway2 View Post
The only question in this thread should be "How much money can we possibly throw at Getzlaf or Perry in July?".

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a believer in big money UFAs. Most of the time you're paying for reputation of once great, declining superstars. But 28 year old 6'4'' 220lb centers and 6'3'' 50 goal scorers don't hit the market every summer. With some soon expiring contracts and potential buyouts (Kaberle), our cap situation is pretty good. I'd actually be more comfortable paying Perry, as I find Getzlaf has been underwhelming recently but it's hard to ignore a guy who plays a position that's been our greatest weakness for 20 years.
Perry would be great, Getzlaff not so much. First they'd have to leave Anaheim though and second we'd have to get them to sign. I personally don't see it happening but adding Perry would definitely help. But it would be 7 years each at the max to bring them here. I don't know if its worth it for Perry and I definitely don't think Getzlaff would be worth it.
Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
I would trade Price and Subban for them right now.

Originally Posted by Aceekay View Post
I'm just gonna put it out there, we should have traded cole at the deadline last year.

If ****ing Paul gaustad got a 1st, cole would have gotten a lot considering he was Stanley cup winning vet on an absolute tear scoring thirty goals. Being a power forward helps too, every team could use a player like him if you want to go deep in the playoffs.
I agree. And I hope that we learn our lesson and deal Bourque.

I still can't believe we didn't push for a 1st for Cammy. I still see that as a huge waste of an asset. I actually wouldn't have minded taking Bourque back if it meant getting the 1st. And if that's the best Calgary would do we should've shopped him around.
Originally Posted by blarneylad View Post
Corey Perry is a weird dude though. I met him at a bar, he was with his G/F (local girl) and followed her around. Super shy awkward guy. Very weak handshake and me at 5'11 made him nervous talking to him. It was one of the most awkward meetings of an NHL hockey player I've ever been involved in or heard of.

Based on my 30 seconds talking to him he seems like a weird dude. I was one of two guys in the bar that realized who he was. He was like a ghost hiding in the shadows.
He was probably just weirded out because you were standing there in drag.
Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
I think there's still a 10% cap cushion in the offseason... why wouldn't the Habs be able to trade Gionta after signing Perry? I guess that's counter to the spirit of this thread, but doesn't it seem like a safer way to approach 2013-14?
We could just hang onto him for leadership/mentoring purposes. If we get offered something for him fine but I don't see teams knocking on our door for him. It was a stupid signing.

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