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02-11-2013, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by torero View Post
I didn't see the games since Subban came back.

Yet i have a question:
Sometimes, technically good players, when added to a team ... spread more havoc than add value to the total team value. Generating more conflicts of ego ... and ultimately diminishing the global value of the team. This can take place typically when you have a hardworking team of non-ego oriented players building chemistry and ... this magic that makes a team, a good team at work.

Stats : team without Subban 4 wins in 6 games (66% wins)
team with Subban 2 wins in 5 games (40% wins) and a slumping tendency !

Is something like this at work or does the team still have the same mindset and the wins and losses are just spuriously correlated with Subban's return ?
We lost a game in Boston where we played well and it was a goalie duel.
We lost a game in Buffalo we should've won but gave away.
We got smoked by the Leafs.

Subban played well in both the first games (scored in both of them as well) and I actually didn't think he was that bad in the 2nd. Our losing has nothing to do with him. If anything it's despite his play not because of it.

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