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02-11-2013, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post
Going off what you're saying here, I have to say I agree for the most part. Some of those guys are worth keeping, but of course, once the right deal comes along, you need to trade quality to get quality, however, of those guys I wouldn't think about trading at all are:

Emelin:Hitting machine, should only get better, as bad as he was against the leafs, his puck handling and outlet passing has been vastly improved. For a big hitter he has very good mobility.
Gorges:Great stay at home D who would be way more effective if we had a better D core/The guy is the future captain, he's cut from the cloth of former habs leaders, even if he isn't as good
Prust:Is the ideal 4th liner for us. He doesn't take bad penalties, good teammate,etc

These are the guys who fill out a team. A lot of people erroneously think that trading away these types of players doesn't matter because they are not elite players but each of these guys have tons of character and more importantly they are very good role players. When it comes time for a team to have their shot at contention, when their "window" opens, its not just about having your stars going. It's about giving them the support system they need to play to their level.

So where Elite players/Core Players are definitely more important pieces to the puzzle, you still need the other pieces to complete the puzzle. So say the habs trade those guys off, and they eventually start amassing some good top end talent on their main roster, they still need to make sure those guys are supported, and then we would have threads and discussions about where we can find a 4th line fighter who can play (Prust) or a big hitting, shot blocking D with size (Emelin), etc. It seems backwards, but keeping these guys around, especially since they are still youngish, makes completing that puzzle way easier than shipping them out and finding them all over again.

Some of the guys we have are useful to a contending team (Gionta, Cole) or they don't really fit our style under MT or going forward under MB, even though they are talented (Diaz, DD) So IMO they should be shipped out for picks and prospects that fit the new mold. If we shed the fat and we shed what doesn't fit us, we get back value in picks, prospects, and players that do fit us. It helps our cap, it helps our team make up, and it helps our future. It allows us to dictate our own division of roles between top6/bottom 6 and our Dcore and sort of gives us a 'fresh start' without "blowing it up". Pac, PK, GallyA, GallyB, Price, Plek, Markov, Gorges, Emelin are all solid pieces that we can keep and improve on, so shedding the fat won't cripple our team in the now in terms of talent and starpower. That is how we get a true culture change.
Well put, cause that's what I was thinking. The only difference in my thinking is that we have tones of picks this coming draft so draft picks aren't what I would look for.
Few players mention here that I would love to get on this roaster:

Boyles-Big defensive center who can fight, plays big, team 1st kind of guy.

Matt Kassian-Big strong boy who will, can and win fights good 13th forward

ROR-the best player mention around that wouldn't come cheap, but I bet there's a move to be made

Marco Scandella-Big Defender with mixed skills, not sure what the price could be.

Justin Falk-Big boy, young, with shutdown potential, I would rather have him then Weber for #7-8 on the depth chart

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