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02-11-2013, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Bubba Thudd View Post
I just started watching this show this weekend.
Watched the marathon season 2 run, then season 3, and finally the new episode.
Gonna have to go back and watch season 1.

Question, though...

Do a lot of spoilers from the comic book get posted in here?
I've never seen it, and had no clue that certain people are destined to join the group -- because they were integral in the comic.
While I'd like to read the thread and get everyone's take on what happened, is happening, or could happen, I don't want any spoilers.
Spoilers kinda...well...spoil it.
Yes and no. The show has characters not in the comic, and leaves out characters from the comic. I've never read it, but it does not go strictly by the comics.

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