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Originally Posted by CanadiansGuy60 View Post
Sorry but your comment rings a little hollow. As has been pointed out, the 3 wins tostart the streak where against top ranked teams and you also forgot they beat a solid PLK team as well. Yes they had a few teams lower in the standings, but you still have to show up and play the games. The rest of the teams in the league have played essentially the same schedule and only the Jr. Sens have had a similar run (I believe) Brockville has also been very solid and Corwall and the Hawks will be a great challange this coming week.

Give kudo's when they are deserved by what ever team deserves them. The Bears were the Flavour of the month to start the season and they realized today that you can't play 10 guys (for the most part) and beat CP rolling 4 lines and 6 D! Clarke et all have the team playing well, but what should scare folks the most is this is a "TEAM" You can hear players holding each other accountable from the stands, which I can honestly say you couldn't say about them last year.

The boys are all in it would seem and the train is a rolling. I'm sure there will be challanges down the stretch, but these kids have it in them to overcome it this year IMO.

No one is commenting on CP's Defence anymore or their goaltending, which is 1 & 2 in the league.

Great hockey at the right time of the year.

Go Canadians Go
Wow...take it is easy big dog.
I've seen CPC 3 or 4 times this year. They are looking great, last week, I picked them to finish first. Good for them and all that, but if you think you have number 1 or 2 goaltending in the league, you've drank to much of the cool-aid. In the games I've seen, when CPC has a bad period and the goalies are tested, they have been very beatable, the last Nepean game was a perfect example, but I noticed it all year. Please don't point to GAA, everyone knows if you are on a dominate team with great defense, your GAA will be low. Chris Osgood and the Detroit Red wings come to mind.
Save percentage is normally the best goalie Stat, and probably still is in this league, although with biased volunteers the stats are less dependable, but over the course of the year, it probably evens out. Add to save percentage, your observations and your goalies play-off record and you can make a case for the best goalie. I don't see the top goaltending in CPC.
But I do love the team right now, even a Nepean fan can see the unselfish, disciplined play.

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