Thread: Post-Game Talk: 10-13-1. "A bunch of donkeys on skates"
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02-11-2013, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by rubynj View Post
It's too early to tank. Lets see if the caps can pull it together, which frankly they have multiple times in years past.

The logic of being like Toronto is bogus. So we tank and get a top 3 pick...that makes us Montreal next year without the goaltending. Barkov seems to be the consensus pick for us here in the draft and they took a similar player.

The team should get a working attitude and not a quitting mentality. Besides if we start to tank...we already have a gm that's been in the trenches.
History has taught us that they will turn things around.... somewhat, and win their fair share of regular season games.

They may make the playoffs.

But as Halpysback has alluded to, they'll be lucky to make it a round.

Did you watch the team play against the Pens?

That is our future... in the best case, scenario.

Now, please re-read my first line again.

And this is the rub: we seem to be trapped in a loop, much like the episode in Star Trek The Next Generation where they continue to repeat a sequence that ends in the ship exploding. Year after year, we pick the same type players, the same type of on the job training type coaches, and end up with the same result.

The only cure is to fire the management staff, bring in an expert, and have him analyze us from top to bottom... a complete rectal exam, so to speak.

And then... make some real corrective changes that will get us out of this loop.

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