Thread: Post-Game Talk: 10-13-1. "A bunch of donkeys on skates"
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02-11-2013, 08:29 AM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by MiSe View Post
The fact that we are twelve games in and you are adamantly rooting against the team in favor of a tank is disgusting. Please hand your fan card in now.To think no team had their flaws is narrow minded.
I'd like mackinnon or barkov add much as the next but if there's any chance we make the playoffs, seeing how tampa is stumbling now, then we go for it. Its part of being a fan. Deal with it!
With all due respect...who the hell are you to tell someone how they can/will be a fan of some team?

Maybe Halpy's watched this team wallow around in the middling range for 35 years (like I have), and isnt content with "lets just make the playoffs guys!!!!" every year? Maybe he wants more from this franchise, and is ok with some further lean years if it means winning the damn grail before we die? Of course sports isnt everything in life...but some of us are on the backside curve of our fandom, and dont give a rats behind about 1st and 2nd round exits. We want the Ring.

Some of us feel the only way to get a ring is to get new leadership, and some better parts. Best way to do that is described by Atlas above. Get rid of McPhail, and get a young stud to add to this mix.

Understand now?

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